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About K2 Transparency (K2T)

K2 Transparency is one of the primary tools used by our portfolio managers to execute Twin Summit Capital’s Direct Real Estate Strategy. It was internally developed by the principles of Twin Summits Capital having worked in both private equity and hedge fund investment strategies for most of their professional careers. Ultimately, they had become frustrated with the limited options and software available to them in the marketplace today; which could not provide them with the data they required in time they needed to capitalise on the inefficiencies in the property markets which they wanted to exploit. K2 Transparency helps our portfolio managers and analysts find areas to invest in which can provide above-average market yields and rates of capital appreciation with a view to generating alpha.

The resulting product ‘K2 Transparency’ was extremely successful. Therefore, after the development of the acquisition part of our platform, Twin Summits principles decided to go a stage further and invest more time and resources in order to build an all-encompassing platform. Our K2 Transparency platform now brings together the best practices in asset/ property management and the most recent technology in big data and portfolio optimisation. The result being K2T can now run a traditionally very granular and labour-intensive process with lower costs and headcount, at the same time increasing. K2 Transparency touches on all areas of the life cycle of real assets, from acquisitions to due diligence, to closings, right through to property management and portfolio optimisation. This has allowed for us to considerably streamline processes and reduce operating costs. In turn allowing Twin Summits to run real asset strategies at a fraction of the costs of our competitors and enter new markets which previously were not possible to enter before.

All this is possible while also importantly increasing the accuracy and the visibility of the underlying assets for our investors on both a granular and portfolio level. Something which we believe is imperative to increase the trust between principle and investor. Where K2 Transparency excels, though is in assets selection and property and portfolio management and optimisation. This is because it specifically allows the fund managers to see trends and relationships in the underlying data of our portfolios real assets, trends which invisible with traditional techniques. This allows our managers to act on this information instantaneously. The final step in the creation of K2 Transparency was a redesign of its back-office processes, to allow the platform to be hosted in the cloud. We are especially proud of this development and believe the added functionality will benefit our investors too. Investors can now log in at any time to view live up to date information, pictures and KPI(s) of the real assets making up their portfolios, and will shortly be able to export accounting and finance reports directly to their own backend function.

Hosting the platform in the could allow for faster data processing, and real-time access for our portfolio managers, property managers, and asset managers. However, importantly, and unlike our competitors, it allows access for our underlying investors. This allows them to see their portfolio from anywhere in the world, at any time, day or night. An investor in our fund, or separately managed account, can log into their client account through our website. In their portal they can see their underlying portfolio metrics, right down to each property KPIs. Individual property cash flows, current leases, and up to date pictures, live yields, are just a selection of what information is available. Even a birds’ eye view of the property is available.

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